1st post for Final Project

Lake view park Oshawa is a beautiful beach and walking path along Lake Ontario. The only down fall is how much litter is laying around in the park and along the beach, despite all of the trashcans along the beach and along the walking path. From smashed bottles to crumpled up wrappers they all mostly end up in the water or on the rocks and or sandy beach. Though trash isn’t the only issue it is one of the most major issues with this park. There is also a fair amount of water pollution in Lake Ontario as well. While I was walking along the rocky beach I had found a reusable bag just tossed on the ground and thought, what should be used and reused multiple times to save on buying bags from retailers when shopping is just left to rot and pollute the beach. I found an unbelievable amount of empty beer cans and liquor bottles as well under the benches just inches from the garbage cans. Most garbage cans also seemed to be over flowing with garbage and things that could have been recycled in the proper areas of the beach. What would usually be a beautiful spot to just hang out on the hottest days of summer is the hot spot for people to dump their trash.


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