2nd post

To first talk about the solution you first need to think of the reason why people litter all around the city. You would think with all of the signs about not littering along the beach and along side the roads that no one would just throw something out of their car window or on the ground around a beautiful beach. As I mentioned before there were almost overflowing trashcans along the rocks of the beach. In my walk I had taken a few pictures of these examples. I had found liquor bottles and beer cans, and had even found what looked to be an oil drum lid or something foreign buried deep in the sand of the beach. Perhaps the solution to people just throwing their trash on the ground like glass bottles or aluminum cans would be to put recycling cans around so the people put glass, aluminum and paper into their proper place so that it can be recycled at a recycling plant, but who is to say weather that would help people in their decision to just throw their trash on the ground or on the beach, but maybe it would help if they did have them.


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