3rd Post

Today after walking around the park and asking people simply how they felt about the current state of the beaches and pathways a majority of them seemed to think that it was disgusting and disrespectful of people who just throw their trash anywhere and leave it as someone else’s problem when it is picked up. Perhaps the solution to this problem is to have people fined for littering on the beach like the signs along the highway that say not to litter or you’ll be fined XX amount if your caught littering along the beaches or pathways. Maybe we could even have some community service workers around picking up the trash more often then just on earth day or earth week, because we only have one planet and if we keep this up we wont have a planet left for our great grandchildren or even further along like great great grandchildren its hard to say. Though our climate is getting worse and worse from the greenhouse gases and other things we do that pollute our air and water supply, there are however a few things that we can do that will help us save our environment in the long run. Through this course I have learned so much more about what is actually going on when we think were recycling.


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