4th post

I believe that if people had more respect for the environment they wouldn’t be littering as much as they do and they might actually try to recycle and compost in their own daily lives we might have more of a chance on this planet. Perhaps if people were fined every time they littered they wouldn’t do it or maybe if we had the right equipment for recyclables down on the pathways or on the beach people would use them and we wouldn’t need to worry about kicking off our shoes and walking through the warm sand with our feet bare so we can feel the sand squish between our toes. Though both of these solutions cost a fair amount of money I believe people might be more willing to actually put their garbage into the garbage so they don’t get charged just for putting it on the ground. Try to Imagine your trying to walk along a nice soft sandy beach but ahead all you see is broken beer bottles, empty soda cans and other kinds of things that you wouldn’t want to have stuck into your foot or worse going through your foot, it works the same way along the pathways as well like in this picture of a tree that has been planted in memoriam of Darren O’Neil

and a glass bottle on it.


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