5th post

In conclusion we should either put the recycling sorting boxes out on the beach and on the pathway or find some sort of way to fine people for littering on the beach or alongside the pathway. This may help to reduce the amount of litter that we find along the beach and along the pathway. We need to keep working harder to make our planet clean again and we need to try better then our best to keep it that way. The way we’re going with littering and polluting the air we may not have much left on this planet in the next few hundred years or maybe even 100 years from now. Just by picking up litter and disposing of it properly we could help our planet. If we keep thinking of new different ways to recycle then we soon wont have as much trash in landfills or maybe even none in landfills at all, though I know its wishful thinking I know with the way our technology is advancing it may be possible one day. Until then we just have to try our best to do the three R’s that have been part of our society for a couple of years now.


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